The International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RILEM, from the name in French) was founded in June 1947, with the aim to promote scientific cooperation in the area of construction materials and structures.

Today, the new meaning of the acronym RILEM (Réunion Internationale des Laboratoires et Experts des Matériaux, systèmes de construction et ouvrages) emphasises its dominant focus on people as well as its worldwide activities, covering 70 countries.

The mission of RILEM is to advance scientific knowledge related to construction materials, systems and structures and to encourage transfer and application of this knowledge world-wide.

This mission is achieved through collaboration of leading experts in construction practice and science including academics, researchers, testing laboratories and authorities.

The three main goals of RILEM are:

  • to promote sustainable and safe construction, and improved performance and cost benefit for society,
  • to stimulate new directions of research and its applications, promoting excellence in construction,
  • to favour and promote cooperation at international scale by general access to advanced knowledge.

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