RILEM Spring Convention

18 – 19 March 2019

The Convention combines RILEM standing committee meetings (Bureau, TAC, DAC, Development Meeting), and importantly a number of RILEM technical committee meetings. One purpose of the Spring Convention is to afford RILEM TCs the opportunity to meet at least annually for their scientific discussions, and to do this in conjunction with other TCs and RILEM colleagues with whom mutual interchange might be possible. Also, a prestigious lecture and award (the Colonnetti Lecture) will be held during the Convention (there is a possibility of two medals thus two lectures). As always, besides high quality technical content, there should be major opportunities for networking and public relations activities.

Following meetings are envisaged during RILEM Spring Convention 2019

  • BUR: Bureau
  • DEV: Development meeting
  • DAC: Management Advisory Committee
  • TAC: Technical Activities Committee
  • TC: Technical Committee

Confirmed TC Meetings

280-CBE : Multiphase characterisation of cold bitumen emulsion materials
Chair: Dr. Andrea GRAZIANI, Deputy Chair: Mr. Alan CARTER
267-TRM : Tests for reactivity of supplementary cementitious materials
Chair: Prof. Karen SCRIVENER, Deputy Chair: Dr. Ruben SNELLINGS
281-CCC – Carbonation of concrete with supplementary cementitious materials
Chair: Prof. Nele DE BELIE, Deputy Chair: Dr. Susan BERNAL LOPEZ
262-SCI : Characteristics of the steel/concrete interface and their effect on initiation of chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion
Chair: Prof. Dr. Ueli ANGST, Deputy Chair: Prof. Mette GEIKER
269-IAM : Damage assessment in Consideration of Repair/ Retrofit-Recovery in Concrete and Masonry Structures by Means of Innovative NDT
Chair: Prof. Tomoki SHIOTANI, Deputy Chair: Dr. Dimitrios AGGELIS
270-CIM : Benchmarking Chloride Ingress Models on Real-life Case Studies: Theory and Practice
Chair: Prof. Eddie A. B. KOENDERS, Deputy Chair: Prof. Kei-Ichi IMAMOTO
CAM – Chloride transport in alkali-activated materials
Chair: Prof. Arnaud CASTEL, Deputy Chair: Prof. John L. PROVIS
274-TCE : Testing and characterisation of earth-based building materials and elements
Chair: Mr. Jean-Claude MOREL, Deputy Chair: Antonin FABBRI
CCH : Stress Corrosion Cracking and Hydrogen Embrittlement of Concrete-Reinforcing Steels
Chair: Dr. Javier SANCHEZ MONTERO, Deputy Chair: Dr. Alvaro RIDRUEJO
277-LHS : Specifications for testing and evaluation of lime-based repair materials for historic Structures
Chair: Emer. Prof. Ioanna PAPAYIANNI, Deputy Chair: Dr. Jan VALEK
258-AAA: Avoiding alkali aggregate reactions in concrete – Performance based concept
Chair: Prof. Børge Johannes WIGUM, Deputy Chair: Dr. Jan LINDGÅRD
254-CMS: Thermal cracking of massive concrete structures
Chair: Prof. Eduardo M.r. FAIRBAIRN, Deputy Chair: Dr. Miguel Ângelo Dias AZENHA