Application of acousto-ultrasonic measurements for monitoring of setting and hardening in concrete, applied within Extended Round Robin Testing (RRT+) of COST Action TU1404.


Conference segment covers innovation and improvement in methods for characterization at material and structural scale. It includes laboratory testing methods and methods for on-site assessment of concrete and masonry civil engineering structures (buildings, bridges, dams, roads, tunnels, reservoirs and other). The segment is dedicated to the following construction materials: concrete, mortar, grouts, cement paste, stone, brick and aggregates.

Contributions to the conference segment may be within – but are not limited to – the following topics:

  • Quantitative characterisation at microstructural level
  • Experimental and numerical methods for characterisation of fresh concrete/mortar/paste/grout
  • Monitoring techniques for quality control during production
  • Monitoring techniques for existing structures
  • Monitoring of age-dependant processes in cement based materials
  • Innovations in experimental techniques for macroscopic characterisation of material properties and performance
  • On-site estimation of material properties in concrete and masonry structures
  • Volumetric visualization techniques for on-site inspection
  • Automated NDT systems
  • Verification of existing laboratory and on-site standard test methods
  • Examples of modern application of NDT methods

Organising committee:

Ivan Gabrijel, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Marijan Skazlić, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Christian Große, TU Munich, Germany


Dimitrios Aggelis, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Sofía Aparicio Secanellas, ITEFI, Spain
Marko Bartolac, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Violeta Bokan Bosiljkov, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
William Peter Boshoff, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
David Corbett, Proceq, Switzerland
Sinan Turhan Erdoğan, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Jacek Golaszevski, Silesian University, Poland
Christian Grosse, Technische Universität München, Germany
Nenad Gucunski, Rutgers University, USA
Neil Hoult, Queens University, Canada
Ioannou Ioannis, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Wim Stenfert Kroese, Consensor, Netherlands
Markus Kruger, Graz University, Austria
Eric Landis, Maine University, USA
Thorsten Leusmann, iBMB TU Braunschweig, Germany
Andrzej T. Moczko, Wroclav University, Poland
Ernst Niederleithinger, BAM, Germany
Mato Pavlović, BAM, Germany
Dalibor Sekulić, Institut IGH, Croatia
Thomas Schumacher, Portland, USA
Tomoki Shiotani, Kyoto University, Japan
Radoslav Sovjak, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech
Gregor Trtnik, IGMAT, Slovenia
Neven Ukrainczyk, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Luca Valentini, Padova University, Italy
Herbert Wiggenhauser, BAM, Germany