About Beachex

Croatia’s gravel beaches are under immense pressure from the rapidly growing tourist industry that requires an increase in existing beach capacity by beach nourishment while at the same time the beaches are under the influence of increased storm activity as a consequence of climate change. The Beachex project aims to explore the mechanisms of gravel beach erosion and recovery to provide technical support for long-term beach nourishment in order to achieve a sustainable increase in beach capacity while reducing the influence of climate change.

Goals of the Beachex project

Develop a database of nourished beaches

using a survey in co-operation with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure in order to understand existing practices

Inform the public and local communities about beach erosion

through workshops in cities Rijeka and Split on existing practices and the Beachex project activities

Determine beach morphodynamics of artifical beaches

using measurements on beach Ploče (Kantrida) performed using a system of video monitoring, smart pebbles and oceanograhpic buoy in combination with geodesy measurements

Evaluate the influence of beach nourishment on submarine biocenosis

by performing multiple dive surveys on beaches near Rijeka, Primošten, Vodice, Split, and Šibenik, in co-operation with marine biologists

Describe the mechanisms behind gravel beach recovery

by performing multiple numerical simulations with the goal of isolating the influence factors of beach sustainability

Predict the influence of climate change on beach sustainability

allowing for preventative actions to reduce the impact of extreme events on beaches and tourism

Beachex team

Research group members


University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Lancaster University, Lancaster Environment Centre


University of Rijeka, Faculty of Civil Engineering
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science
Natural History Museum Rijeka


Zagreb University of Applied Sciences
Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure
Ministry of Tourism
Regional Development Agency of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County
City of Rijeka
Rijeka Sport

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Dalibor Carević

+385 1 4639 309

University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Croatian Science Foundation
European structural and investment funds